Margaret River Wineries Map and Guides

Margaret River’s Wonder

Margaret River Wineries and Surrounding Areas – Located in the southwest region of Australia, Margaret River is over 5,000 beautiful acres of wine country. The climate is what makes this area so special. Its maritime influence is stronger than most of the Australian region. Margaret River has a very low annual temperature which categorizes it as a Mediterranean climate in regard to rainfall and is often compared to the climate of Bordeaux. It has ripening conditions which are considered an important aspect of wine quality. The weather prevails over thousands of stretching kilometers of sparkling ocean.

Even though the area only produces around three percent of Australia’s total grape production, it is known for its grape variety and quality. Most other wine regions are sectioned off for their ability to specialize in just red or just white grapes. Margaret River’s varieties of grape are split very evenly between both white and red which makes it a real wine wonder. Some of the wines that are produced here include Merlot, Semillon, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Shiraz, and Verdelho.

The total area stretches almost 5,000 collective kilometers and is composed of diverse soils. These ground conditions of Jingdong soils and gravelly loams contribute to how well the vineyards can drain and ultimately thrive. The hot dry summers blended with mildly wet winters make for a climate haven. Margaret River is recognized as a perfect and serene environment perfect for wine tasting and exploring the culture of wineries.

birds eye view of Margaret river winery


The Beauty of it All

Even though they specialize in wine, their geography is another major attraction to many travelers and locals alike. It has stretching, lush green forests full of incredible varieties of tree species. The moderate maritime weather makes it perfect for everything to thrive. Rolling green hills accent the background and the area is punctuated with the rugged coastal scenery. There are even large caves that dot the shores which make for intriguing tours. The land holds boundless possibilities like horse riding, other adventure sports, and even majestic whale watching.

The beaches make for amazing swells which have made them popular surf destinations for years. If you’re not interested in activities on a board, the swimming is pristine and refreshing. It’s a truly breathtaking environment with so many aspects of beauty about it. Margaret River is not only a microclimate but a microcosm. The colour of the landscape is unprecedented, but there is so much to explore, a map might be in need to get through it all the right way.

Margaretriver.com, have produced an excellent map highlighting many areas of interest, you can download that here:

Margaret River regional map of activities

Leave No Stone Unturned and No Cup Unfinished

With such a diversity of places to see, flavors to taste and waters to dip your feet in, knowing what’s out there is important. The dining in the area is world renowned and the diversity stretches from architecturally elaborate to simple, home vibe farm-style. Many of these restaurants work hard to bring farm fresh ingredients to the table to create a full experience as well as define the flavors of the region. These hints and twists are visible in the wine as well. Each wine, like each bit of Margaret River, are special.

The Margaret River winery map is a strategic way to get the fullest experience in the area. It highlights the numerous possibilities of the experience. There are about 215 producers of wine in the area including niche producers that produce over 3.5 tons, with the largest growers producing almost 10,000 tons annually. These numbers are unprecedented and considered an incredible feat. Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon are the most internationally recognized wines that are produced. These are very worth tasting while visiting.

Where Are The Best Wineries to Visit in Margaret River?

The Margaret River region is blessed to have an array of wineries encompassing Yallingup, Dunsborough and Wilyabrup area.

How to Taste the Region

After consulting your Margaret River wineries map about where to head first, it is helpful to know how to really savor the flavor of the wine. Wine tasting comes with a special technique. Looking at the colour is a good first step. White wines can have lighter tones of straw, golden hints, and other sun shades. Reds are distinguishable by gradients as well, ranging from deep burgundy reds to pale plums and pinks. These wines are created with techniques passed down through wine enthusiast to wine enthusiast, so paying attention to the details is key.

After taking in the depth of its presentation, the next step is taking a thoughtful whiff of the wine. The aroma alone reveals so much about the flavor. Keep these smells in mind as you finally take a taste. The taste technique is best carried out by pushing the wine to the front and then to the back of your mouth. This helps you get the most out of the taste. Is it a drying flavor? Maybe the flavor lingers? The wine provides a diversity of possibilities.

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A Margaret River winery map is the most recommended and easiest way to get the best insight on where to spend time. The forests are full of refreshing breezes waiting to be felt and the striking caves painting the coast wait patiently to be explored. With planning out of the way, relaxing and letting loose becomes a full part of the adventure.


This wine region is vast and one of the best on the entire planet. An experience like this should not be wasted wondering where is best. Book all your winery tours now with all the right destinations in mind. This lush green, pristinely fresh environment is unpassable as a human opportunity for wonder. Margaret River wineries maps are recommended by thousands of locals and travellers just the same. There are over 95 cellar doors waiting to be opened and hundreds of fine dining opportunities within just a few miles of each other, make the most out of your vacation for once and relax in this wine paradise knowing you have seen everything. Fortunately, Woodlands Wines has been assisting tourists and locals for years with their top wineries choices in the region. Catering to each visitor’s preferences and wish list, book your winery tour today to experience Margaret River’s stunning wineries the right way. Here is what some of our customers have to say about Woodlands Wines.
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