Woodlands at Maggie Joan's

110 Amoy St, Singapore - Thursday April 5th


Woodlands welcomes you to join us for dinner in Singapore at Maggie Joan’s.

Maggie Joan’s authentic Mediterranean offerings are as unique as her location. Tucked at the alleyways of Amoy Street and at the cul-de-sac of Gemmill Lane, she mimics a quaint little restaurant that you would only stumble upon when wandering off the beaten track in Greece.

Maggie Joan’s is yet another brainchild of Chef Daniel Ballis (of Moosehead’s fame) and manned by Chef Oliver. Maggie Joan’s sets herself apart from the street food concept of Moosehead; the food here is artisanal and hearty and the decor setting is more rustic yet homely.

To book please contact: le.vigne@singaporewines.com

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